The Reluctant Prophet who Saved the World

Here is a zine that I created last night, inspired by the book of Jonah and by the Biblical practice of wearing sackcloth in a time of grave danger.  A few years ago, I took a class at the National Havurah Institute during which we created a zine, and I learned about having the courage to share a first draft, as the editing process sometimes loses the initial raw power.  Here is my little book--first draft. Enjoy!  

If you would like to start the practice of wearing a piece of sackcloth, one place to find it is at a cafe that roasts its own beans.  Please share images and reflections on wearing sackcloth.  

And on another note, happy 54th anniversary to my parents, Morris and Susan.  I appreciate your generosity, courage, and commitment to learning and growing throughout the life journey.